Coin overview

How to buy BitCanna?

You can buy BitCanna (BCNA) coin on the following decentralized exchange:
To buy BitCanna (BCNA) on Osmosis DEX, first buy Cosmos (ATOM) coin, then deposit it to your Keplr (Browser wallet) or Cosmostation wallet (Google Play, AppStore, APKCombo downloader), swap ATOM to BCNA on Osmosis DEX. The sequential guides are listed below, just swap ATOM to BCNA following the last guide, there is swap to OSMO as example there. You can use the Cosmostation wallet the same way as Keplr in the sequential guides below.
The alternative way to buy BitCanna (BCNA) is to use centralized exchanges (use at own risk):

How to stake BitCanna (BCNA)?

To stake BCNA, you need to install Cosmostation wallet (Google Play, AppStore, APKCombo downloader), deposit one with BCNA coins and delegate it to a validator using the wallet. How to do this, please see in the guide below.
If you have your BCNA coins in Keplr wallet, simply send it to your Cosmostation wallet using an address from there.

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