How to stake Mina

How to stake Mina

You have just two options to stake your Mina funds: using own delegating node installed on Linux or using third-party wallet. The first option makes you the only person having access to your private key for your Mina funds, but requires a little bit of time and entering of Linux commands skill. The second option is very fast but one more entity will have access to your private key because you will have to enter one to a third-party wallet. So you are using the second option at your own risk.

After successful tokens delegation, no further actions is needed. Just wait for your rewards from now. Don't be scared that your tokens are still visible on your balance. Physically Mina tokens are not moved to the staking provider from your wallet.

You can also visit the Mina Staking Process article which sheds light on many of the details.

You will receive your first Mina rewards from staking in 2-4 weeks from your delegation.

For detailed guides how to stake Mina using various tools and platforms, please see links at the bottom of this page.

Where is to find Mina validator's address?

You can find a list of validators at the Validators page of the Mina block explorer.

Keep in Mind that Mina validators participate in a lottery to win (produce) blocks and distribute rewards for wins to delegators manually in the Mina blockchain. To choose a lucky and trustworthy validator, enjoy Mina Rewards Calculator that provides a broad stats overview on validators so you can choose a staking option attractive to you.

Detailed guides how to stake Mina

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