How to install Polkadot.js wallet

1. Install the Polkadot.js wallet extension into your browser.

2. Launch Polkadot.js wallet from the tab of your browser.

3. Click on "+" button to create your Polkadot account.

4. Remember your seed phrase, store it at the different locations and storage types, e. g. paper and passworded USB ones.

5. Enter a name and password for your account.

6. Your account for Polkadot coin is created. It is time to create account for HydraDX coin now. Click on three vertical dots right of your Polkadot address.

7. Click on "Allow use on any chain" menu.

8. Click on "HydraDX" option. HydraDX wallet is created.

Now it is time to claim your HydraDX tokens or to get them by other way. How to do this, please see in the guides below.

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