Coin overview

What is Desmos?

Desmos is a blockchain which serves as the backbone to empower the development of user-centric social networks.

Features of the Desmos project:

No centralized control

  • The network is operated by DSM stakers & validators in a decentralized manner based on game theory.

Public & open-source development

  • Desmos will keep improving through the contribution by the community.

Engagement yield farming

  • Users can earn DSM by participating in the networks actively.

Decentralized proof of identity

  • Users can link up their profiles on decentralized and centralized worlds to create their cross-chain Desmos Profiles.

How to buy Desmos?

To buy DSM, go to Osmosis decentralized exchange, and swap some Cosmos ecosystem coin (e. g. OSMO coin or UST stablecoin) for DSM.

How to use Osmosis decentralized exchange, please follow these guides:

pageHow to install Keplr walletpageHow to buy Osmosis coins on Osmosis decentralized exchange

How to stake Desmos?

To stake DSM, you need to install Keplr or Cosmostation wallet (Google Play, AppStore, APKCombo downloader), deposit one with STARS coins and delegate it to a validator using the wallet. How to do this, please see in the guide below.

pageHow to stake Desmos using KeplrpageHow to stake Desmos using Cosmostation

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