How to stake Desmos using Keplr

Stake Desmos with Keplr

1. Go to platform.

2. Select Use Keplr option. Sign in your Keplr if haven't did so.

3. Approve the connection and add Desmos network to the Keplr.

4. Set dtag (any containing letters, numbers and underscore optionally).

5. Enter Nickname.

6. Save changes.

You can request free DSM for gas fees. There are several options to do this: 6.1. Try Stakely faucet. 6.2. Try @smart_y_bot. 6.3. Ask someone in Cosmos ecosystem Telegram chats, e. g. here or here.

Also you can swap any coin from Cosmos ecosystem listed on Osmosis decentralized exchange for DSM. How to use Osmosis DEX, see here.

Optional steps: Connect all blockchains in which you stake assets using button in the bottom right corner.

Click on green "Airdrop" button and claim airdrop if you are eligible and terms of claiming hs not been expired.

7. Go to Wallet section and click on Stake button.

8. Select a validator you would like to stake your DSM coins. If yowto stake with us, you are welcome to choose Staketab validator (DuccaStakeTab5707 in the validators table).

9. Click on orange Delegate button and specify amount of Desmos coins you want to stake in the field opened.

Leave some Desmos for the gas fees (~1 DSM). If you haven't did this, see the tips above how to get DSM for the gas fees.

10. Cofirm your delegation.

11. Approve the transaction in Keplr.

12. Your tokens is successfully delegated and you will see your rewards soon.

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