Coin overview

What is HydraDX coin?

HydraDX is a coin of cross-chain liquidity protocol built on substrate. HydraDX lives in a HydraDX blockchain in Polkadot ecosystem (parachain). The protocol's solution resolve liquidity issues. The total supply of HDX coins depends on liquidity provisioned.

How to buy HydraDX?

You can find a ways how to get HydraDX (HDX) coins here:

pageHow to buy HydraDX (HDX)

How to stake HydraDX?

You can stake HydraDX coin to gain passive income. The current APR is ~50%.

To stake HDX, you need to install Polkadot.js wallet, claim HDX or get rewarded with, and stake it. Click on the liks in the previous sentence or follow the links on guides below. They provide what you need to do in sequential order to get HDX and receive gains additionally to its price growth.

pageHow to install Polkadot.js walletpageHow to claim HydraDX (HDX) coinspageHow to stake HydraDX (HDX)

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