Coin overview

What is Mina coin?

Mina is a coin of the world's lighest blockchain built on elegant recursive zk-SNARKs solution. The size of the blockchain is just 22 Kb.

How to buy Mina?

You can find a list of exchanges where you can buy Mina and corresponding guides how to do this here:

pageHow to buy Mina

How to stake Mina?

You can stake Mina coin to gain passive income. The current APR varies from 12% to 24%.

You can find guides how to stake Mina here:

pageHow to stake Mina

Check more information regarding Mina staking and our staking FAQ at staketab.com.

What are the profits from staking Mina?

You can easily calculate your staking profits using StakeTab Rewards Calculator and even get a list with the most attractive staking providers for you. The list covers the most important parameters of staking providers which helps you to choose the most attractive provider which one your funds will definitely like.

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