How to claim HydraDX (HDX) coins

1. Go to HydraDX Claim App website.

2. Polkadot js wallet window appears. Click on "Understood" button in the window.

3. Click on "Allow this application access".

4. Click on "Connect polkadot.js" in the browser tab, then click on "Yes, do this metadata update" button in the wallet.

5. Click on "Connect Metamask" button on the app website or altenatively enter your Ethereum network address where you store your xHDX tokens. This is a good option if you don't wan't to allow HydraDX claim app to access your Metamask wallet.

6. Check the amount of your xHDX tokens that HydraDX Claim App shows to you. If everything is fine, click "Next". Note that HydraDX compensate you gas spendings in Ethereum network during xHDX sale. The compensation is done in HDX tokens.

7. Click on "Connect HydraDX account" and confirm your connection.

8. Check ETH wallet address from which you claim HDX tokens and HDX wallet address which will be credited with your HDX tokens. If everything is fine, click "Next".

9. Sign your claiming clicking on "Sign".

10. Sign your claiming in Metamask window appeared and click on "Claim".

11. Sign the transaction in your Polkadot.js wallet window appeared.

12. Congrats! You have claimed your HydraDX tokens successfully. Now it is time to stake it to gain passive income additionally to HDX price growth.

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