How to buy Mina on BKEX centralized exchange

1. Sign up or sign in to BKEX.

BKEX doesn't have mandatory KYC currently.

How to deposit funds to BKEX

1. Click on "Assets" tab, then on "Assets overview" button.

2. Click on "Deposit" button.

3. Select a currency to deposit in the "Select currency" field. In our case it is USDT, so we click on the "USDT" button right.

4. Choose a network: Tron (TRC20), Ethereum (ERC20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). Make sure you choose the correct network of your stablecoin to deposit, otherwise the funds just won't come.

5. Copy your USDT address and send your USDT funds to it. In our case we copied BEP20 address, it is suitable to deposit BKEX account from Binance Smart Chain section of the Metamask wallet.

When USDT funds arrive to the BKEX, they will be shown at the "Assets" section.

How to buy MINA with USDT

1. To buy MINA with USDT, click on the "Spot" tab, then on "Exchange" button at the top pane. Terminal is opened.

2. Enter "MINA" into an asset search field.

3. In the MINA/USDT window of the terminal, click on the "Market" option. This provides the option to buy MINA quickly and at the market price. When Market section is opened, enter an amount of USDT for wich you want to buy MINA. Click "Buy" button.

How to buy MINA depositing another asset

To buy MINA with another asset (e. g. BTC, ETH, XRP, MATIC), you need to deposit this asset first the same way you deposit USDT, then exchange the asset to the USDT and then exchange USDT for MINA.

How to withdraw MINA from BKEX

Get back to your "Assets overview" section and check the MiINA balance. Renew the page in browser if necessary.

To filter your balances by removing coins with zero balances, check "Hide small amount cryptocurrency" checkmark.

To withdraw MINA to the external wallet, click on the "Withdraw" button on the left pane, select "MINA" in the "Select currency" field, enter your external wallet addres, withdrawal amount, Memo (optional) and hit "Confirm withdrawal" button. You can enter small amount of MINA first to be ensured that the withdrawal operates fine, then to withdraw remaining major part of your MINA.

When your withdrawal request is approved by BKEX, you will receive your MINA to your external wallet.

After you bought Mina, you can stake it to get passive income. How to do this, please see here.

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