Coin overview

What is Stargaze?

Stargaze coin (STARS) is a native coin of a Stargaze blockchain. The purpose of the project is to launch one of the first NFT marketplaces in the Cosmos ecosystem.

How to buy Stargaze?

STARS are distributed between Cosmos ecosystem participants, community members and Stargaze validators. More details about Stargaze project roadmap you can find here:
To buy STARS, go to Osmosis decentralized exchange, and swap some Cosmos ecosystem coin (e. g. OSMO coin or UST stablecoin) for STARS.
How to use Osmosis decentralized exchange, please follow these guides:

How to claim Stargaze airdrop?

How to stake Stargaze?

To stake STARS, you need to install Keplr or Cosmostation wallet (Google Play, AppStore, APKCombo downloader), deposit one with STARS coins and delegate it to a validator using the wallet. How to do this, please see in the guide below.

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