How to stake Mina using Ledger
You can stake Mina stored on the Ledger Nano S wallet. Staking with Ledger Blue and Ledger Nano X models is not supported yet.
You can use Ledger Nano S to stake Mina on Linux, Windows and Mac OS.
To stake Mina with Ledger, you need to do three steps generally:
    Install Mina Ledger app
    Connect Ledger to the wallet
    Stake Mina stored on the Ledger using wallet
You will find a description of all these steps in the guides below.
To check a balance of your Mina account, transaction history, validators data, blocks mining data, time locks stats, rewards stats and calculation, and various charts introducing a comprehensive picture of Mina blockchain, enjoy Mina block explorer from Staketab.
Last modified 15d ago
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